Refund Policy

We make every effort to describe all available parcels in detail. We include numerous photos and in many cases a video of available properties. Once a property has been purchased we are unable to offer refunds so please do feel free to inspect any parcel prior to making a purchase.

We are proud to offer a six month exchange policy on properties sold through our website. Please read the section below for the details on our exchange policy.

Exchange Policy

 After making your initial down payment we offer a full six months in which you may trade your property for another available property from our inventory if it is listed on our website. We have found through years of experience that it is not uncommon for someone to purchase a property and then several months down the road decide they would prefer something larger or something smaller, something farther from town or something closer to town (you get the idea).

So go ahead and use and enjoy your new property! If you suddenly notice that we have a parcel on the market that would suit your needs even better, you may be able to trade your current parcel for the new parcel (subject to a few simple guidelines as shown below).

Please note that our 6 month trade-in policy is subject to the following guidelines:

  1. New property must be equal or greater in both price and payments to qualify for trade.
  2. New property must have been on the website for at least one month to qualify for a trade with no additional down payment. If you wish to trade for a property that has been on the website for less than one month then an additional minimum down payment ($500.00) will be required.
  3. Only one trade will be guaranteed per original property purchased.
  4. Payments on your current parcel MUST BE CURRENT to the date of transfer in order to qualify for any trade.

The principal reduction made on the original property will be reflected in the new property as a reduction in purchase price.