Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need permits/inspections to build?

Although it is generally advisable to have a professional look over any major building projects you undertake, most of the parcels we sell that are over 3 acres in size in the Missouri Ozarks fall outside of any city limits. If the particular county where the property is located does not have zoning then building permits are generally not required (neither are inspections). With just a few trips to the lumberyard you and a friend can have a small cabin built in about a week (as long as you've swung a hammer before).

There are dozens of excellent books available with plans for building great looking cabins on your new land.

A simple book on plumbing and wiring can walk you through much (if not all) of the basics needed to wire and plumb a small or mid-sized cabin.

Should you install a septic system?

In general, if a property is over 3 acres in size and is outside of any city limits you are permitted to install your own septic if you choose to do so (if the county does not have zoning restrictions). If you hire someone to install a septic for you the cost is generally between $2,000-$4,000.

Many people find that a simple outhouse is a suitable choice for their vacation property or cabin. An outhouse can be built in an afternoon at a cost of less than $200.

Other choices for waste disposal include lagoons and chemical toilets (which can be purchased in the camping section of Wal-Mart for about $50).

Do you require electricity?

Most every parcel we sell either has electricity on it or within about a mile. Most people choose not to have a meter installed until they start building a home or cabin, although some folks find it convenient to have a meter installed to have a plug-in for an RV or a camper trailer. The local power company can give you more details on their policies.

Should you drill a well?

The Ozarks have long been known for good, clean water. Crop farming in the Ozarks is minimal so the area does not face the problem of run-off pesticides that much of the rest of the nation does.

If you plan on having a well drilled on your property a well driller in the area could give you a good estimate of the cost. We generally say that a drilled well costs from $3,000-$8,000 depending on how deep you would like to go (how much of a reserve you wish to have).

For a vacation residence or small home/cabin many people find that a cistern provides an inexpensive, reliable, maintenance free water source. A cistern is simply a tank made of concrete or plastic and can be buried in the ground or left above ground. A pipe is run into the house/cabin and when the cistern gets low the water truck comes out and fills it up. Cisterns are inexpensive to install (generally $1,000 or less) and are not necessarily dependent on electricity or moving parts, making them extremely reliable. Currently it costs $30-$40 to have a water truck fill a 1,500 gallon cistern.

Can you buy multiple properties from us?

Often, a buyer who has purchased a property from us decides to add the adjoining property (if it becomes available) or a property in a different area. We try not to limit the number of tracts that a single buyer can purchase although we may require a larger down payment on any additional tracts. This is especially true if the monthly payments on a property are larger than the minimum down payment of $500.